I have been taking the Warrior Flow classes since Zack started offering them. I got to try the mace out in a few personal training sessions and fell in love with it immediately. Although the look of it can be a little intimidating, I knew right away that this was something I was going to enjoy. I love the whole history of why people used to train with this piece.The feel of it in your hands is an experience of its own, it is sort of an organic feeling. The mace doesn't really leave your hands, it becomes a part of you. When we get into flows, or just pound out hundreds of 360's it becomes almost meditative. I have noticed my core is much stronger and more defined and the strength in my shoulders has increased. I am really looking forward to a future with Warrior Flow and have made it a goal to one day compete! Thank you Zack for bringing this to us and awakening the Warrior. 

Cliff and Norine


 This our 4th month doing Warrior Flow and we love it!

The class will have you wondering what you got yourself into, then how you lived without it! One second you are wondering if you will finish class with all your teeth, the next you feel like you are ready to take on a clan of orcs.

It’s a zen like, memory focusing, strength and mobility session, with great people and an AMAZING coach.

If you are looking to build muscle and strengthen your core this is the most fun and badass way of doing it! 



I started Warrior Flow 4 months ago.  My only hope was to get more grip strength for Spartan race obstacles.  Since I started I've gotten so much more.  I've never had a workout like this that works out my arms and shoulders from every conceivable angle.  This is something I just can't get doing weights. My strength has increased a great deal.   Not only do we do upper body exercises but our legs get a good workout too.  Once we get into a succession of moves it really does all "flow" together and becomes really relaxing. I recommend Warrior Flow to everyone.




I left my old gym last year, as I had lost the motivation to go.

Repetitions on the machines had become dull and routine despite whatever good music was pumped in. But I needed something to work my body. I took to walking and kayaking, but those activities, although enjoyable, weren't working all my muscle groups. Then I heard about Warrior Flow. I thought I'd try it out because it sounded kind of fun. Swing a mace around? Sure why not?

But I wasn't prepared for the full body workout that is involved. And the fantastic overall feeling in everyday life that building and toning almost every muscle (at least it feels like every muscle) in your body brings. I've already purchased a mace of my own so I can practice between sessions.

More To Come!