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Medieval Weapons, Modern Bad Asses


With the help of the mace, which was used for centuries as a tool of war, we find strength through mobility.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior


The first Steel Mace specific studio in the World, Warrior Flow is a one of a kind training system. We move beyond the linear way of training by utilizing time honored tools of war to train our bodies and unleash our inner Warrior. The Mace has been used for training for hundreds of years, and variations of it have been used in combat at least as long. Using this uniquely weighted instrument we train our bodies and minds to be strong, yet fluid. Life happens in every plane of movement and our training mirrors that.

Unconventional Fitness


Train for life. Train for movement. Train for war.

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Warrior Flow

2410 Dewdney Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 8B5, Canada

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