Annual Events


Last Class Of the Year

In our first year of operations we decided to really challenge ourselves in the last class of the calendar year. Combining all of our classes into one large one, we each set out to do 2017 pulls. Any and all maces sizes were welcome and the Warriors were invited to mix it up a bit. While some did all the reps with the same sized mace, others would do a hundred with one mace before maybe trying one a little heavier or a little lighter. The only requirement was reaching that 2017th rep. Afterwards we went to a local brewery for a celebratory meal and pint.

We continued again in year two. This was our first tradition and one we will continue to do for years to come.


Anniversary Competition

On June 2nd, 2018 we hosted Western Canada's first, and Canada's largest, mace competition. Using a specially designed set of rules we were able to have 15 competitors step on to the platform to test themselves with the mace. Across three events we had people set personal records and even had one of our Warriors become the first woman in Canada to successfully complete a five minute competition set with the 8kg mace.

With interest already pouring in from all over North America, our 2019 competition is looking like its going to go above and beyond the success we had this year!